Monday, August 11, 2008

Nest Books will be an extension of the now defunct CAB/NET Press. The idea behind Nest Books is to pair three writers' chapbooks together into an occasional journal. Although we loved publishing CAB/NET, we felt that the reader simply wasn't getting enough of the work of individual writers, and we wanted a venue that accommodated the longer poem.

We are currently accepting manuscript submissions. In order to defray publishing costs, we ask that all chapbook manuscript submissions be accompanied by a $5.00 fee. You may pay this through PayPal. We wish we didn't have to ask for it--we just do.

Our first chapbook set is scheduled for this winter. To be considered for this set, please email us a chapbook manuscript as an ms word document by September 31st. There are no page length restrictions or guidelines, and multiple and simultaneous submissions are fine.

For inquiries and submissions, email us at nestbooks [at] gmail [dot] com

For postal submissions, please email us for guidelines.

To pay the $5 submission fee, click here: